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The most authoritative FDA news analysis each week is found in the pages of Dickinson's FDA Review. Since 1984, this newsletter has been providing in-depth reports on the most significant FDA developments affecting the pharmaceutical, medical device, biologics and veterinary medicines industries. Unlike other media, FDA Review eliminates time-wasting minutia and presents in clear, concise language the essence of what's really important - and why. It is the publication that FDA officials themselves read. Delivered in the middle of each week, FDA Review presents:
  • The latest agency policy developments, often before they're officially announced;
  • Major news insights, follow-ups and reactions in each product area;
  • Summaries of the latest Warning Letters;
  • The newest product approvals;
  • Summaries of the latest FDA Federal Register notices;
  • Summaries of DDMAC letters;
  • Related industry news capsules;
  • The industry's most concise FDA news index;
  • Inside-FDA news briefs
You can rely on FDA Review to provide only what's important - in the most convenient and time-saving